The Green and Inclusive Growth Initiative is a research project aimed at analyzing national as well as sectorial models of green growth and public policies on sustainability that could feasibly be applied in our region. This project is carried out under the auspices of Red LATN and studies ways in which natural resources can be used sustainably in the medium and long term while taking into account the unique political and institutional conditions of the different Latin American countries.

This new initiative addresses debates pertaining to Green and Inclusive Growth as a development model for Latin America. This project aims to carry out an analysis aimed at clarifying the relationships between the adoption of environmental sustainability criteria, social inclusion and new growth models vis-à-vis the development patterns currently in place in the region.

General objective

Generate knowledge to reveal the tensions and complementarities related to green growth, social inclusion and economic growth on natural resources with the goal of situating the debate in the regional policy agenda and generate awareness about the topic among different interest groups.

Specific objectives

  • Debate and analyze the tensions that exist between Green Growth, social inclusion and economic growth based on natural resources with the goal of contributing to the generation of regional knowledge about this triad.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for the implementation of green growth strategies in the development models of selected Latin American countries with the goal of providing and identifying green sectorial lessons in the region and constructing a series of political and strategic recommendations on Green Growth.
  • Construct capabilities for Green Growth with the goal of increasing awareness about the topic among specific groups of actors (politicians, private sector, civil society and academia). Given the scarcity of debate on this topic in the region, we hope to generate a space that serves to kick-start discussions pertaining to Green Growth and progressively promotes the inclusion of young researchers.